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French Culinary Classes: Cooking in the Cité Idéale, Richelieu in the Loire Valley

In 1631, King Louis XIII gave his prime minister Cardinal de Richelieu a walled village as gift of appreciation For the rest of his life Richelieu oversaw the construction of “the world’s most modern town.” What the minister left behind will be your home for a week of sweet and savory cooking classes with local chefs and visits to some of the most spectacular glories of Renaissance France along the banks of the Loire Valley.

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    Date: July 2018

    Price: $4800 (Based on double occupancy.)

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    Add Dates: NA

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  • cost Includes:

    • All but two meals, including a glass of wine at lunch and dinner
    • Six nights hotel accommodations with private bathroom
    • Travel between arrival and the final breakfast
    • Entrance fees and event tickets
    • Culinary and cultural instruction
    • Language instruction available if desired
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Each day a French chef will guide you through the secrets and techniques of French cooking, from traditional to ultra-contemporary. As an additional thrill, we will prepare a meal with one of the world’s finest Korean chefs and explore French Asian fusion as it evolves.

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Out of the kitchen we will shop for the freshest produce directly from local markets and farms, and in between we will voyage out beyond the cities walls and visit castles and wineries, ancient abbeys and town markets. When we don't eat in, we'll sample some of the regions finest tables.

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Spend each night as a minister would in the glamorous country castle Château de Marçay, or add a little something extra special and come with a group of friends to stay in a luxurious French estate. (+$400)

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