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Don’t just visit. Live it.

The French have a phrase we take as our motto: Joie de Vivre — living life to the fullest. Use your senses to experience another culture from the inside out.  From art to culture to dining, Seapowet Educational Tours (SET) provides a completely curated experience. Learn about architecture then witness theory in action via breathtaking castles and cathedrals. Participate in a cooking class and then taste a new take on a classic cuisine. Study the vocabulary of vineyards in the morning and converse over flights of chardonnay in the afternoon.


Our days start with personalized instruction preparing for the day's visits and adventures. We mix structured lessons and spontaneous exploration.

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Time travel through the ages with masterpieces placed in historical context and spectacular artifacts that speak for themselves.

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Living Culture

Live like the locals and learn their history through simple daily rituals and expert instruction.

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Learn the tradition behind the tastes as you witness the production of local specialties and modern gastronomic feats.

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